A little bit about A2P...

A2P is a family affair with Sheryn and Mike Botherway in New Zealand and Aaron sourcing internationally and living abroad. Aaron visit’s New Zealand regularly and the cousin's sat down, put their heads together and through a shared love of New Zealand and the planet A2P was incorporated.

Sheryn is the plastic police and pulls everything apart to ensure there is no plastic in our products or packaging.

Aaron and Sheryn work together with Mike to come up with new ideas for products but Aaron is out there sourcing products, inspecting factories - looking for new and innovative single use plastic alternative’s.

A2P - Alternative 2 Plastics mission is to save the planet one product at a time our products and packaging contain no single use plastic. They are recyclable, reusable, natural and sustainable.

Why don’t you join our mission to “Help the planet one product at a time”.