Delivering plastic free everyday.

What have you been up to whilst in Self Isolation during Covid-19?

I don't know about you but this self isolation gig is starting to get really boring. There are only so many stories, social media posts and Tik Tok's you can watch before it starts to get old.

Our family is currently is in a very small bubble so as you can imagine there is not much to discuss after 4 weeks.

My husband has started a new job from home and has been getting very frustrated at being locked down in Auckland when he needs to be in Palmerston North.

Xavier our youngster is actually in heaven, he has mum and dad around and his Xbox.

A2P is pretty quiet so there is not a lot for me to do apart from the odd order that comes in and our social media.

So what do you do? Well I got sick of my phone and decided to pursue a past time that my Grandmother, Mother and Aunt tried to teach me as a youngster. I will be honest and say the interest was low at the time and the results disastrous.

Imagine their surprise when I ordered some wool and needles whilst they were still considered essential. Mike and I do not have any Grandkids as yet so I decided to start knitting and donating instead to Middlemore Hospital - here is a link if you do knit and are interested.

You just need to order wool and needles online - all the patterns are on this link above. I have managed a singlet and a hat and I am currently working on socks. They are not perfect but a lot better than nothing and I am getting lots of practice in for the future.

To learn the different knits check out You-tube they have loads of different videos and tutorials that will help.

I have now mastered Casting on and off, Knit, Purl, Rib, stocking stitch and sewing up.

Knitting has quite literally saved my mental heatlh and also helped reduce my screentime. It is also plastic free :)!

What are you up to that others maybe interested in during this time?

Who do you miss the most during this time?

We miss our older kids who are isolated elsewhere and our parents/siblings who are also in different regions and bubbles.

Whats the first thing you are going to do when you get out of your bubble and Covid-19.

I am going to drop off this knitting  - meet you there.



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